No Collateral Loan

No collateral loan is also called as clean and unsecured loan. This is meant for customer without any collateral such as property to be charged to the Bank or financial institutions. This is a good option for individuals to meet any kind of needs whether it is for personal usage or working capital. The three common type of clean loans are Personal Loan, Business Loan and Credit Card Cash Advance.


Personal Loan

It is a short-term loan with maximum tenure of 9 years that one can use to alleviate the financial hardships and unplanned emergencies. You can also use the additional cash flow to explore into business opportunities. The interest rates offered varies depending on Banks policy and packages.


Business Loan

It is a loan specifically intended for business purposed aimed mostly to boost Small Medium Enterprises working capital. With increased cash flow, company can expand and grow their business without any restrictions. Take note that the eligibility for this loan differs for every Bank. Generally, most Banks required that the business to be in operation for at least 2 years prior to any application.


Credit Card Cash Advance

It is a short-term cash loan without any approval or processing. One can simply withdraw money from any ATM machine using your credit cards. Withdrawal limit is linked directly with your credit card spending limit and available balances. Such cash advances usually involved a one-time off processing fees and annual interest rates.

* However, there are facilities offered by certain Banks whereby you can opt for cash out without having to bear high interest rate of 18% charged by Bank. You can enjoy a fixed tenure of repayment without worrying about the interest rate accrued for the credit card balances unpaid. This is one of the good examples of how does one individual pay lesser as compared to others that are having the same outstanding credit card balances. You can know more by simply engaging with us!

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