Keywealth Financial Advisory Group

Keywealth Financial Advisory Group was established since 2018 and we are now one of the top leading financial advisory companies in Malaysia. Our team of experienced financial consultants offer comprehensive financial solutions exclusively tailored to each client’s financial goals.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to gain financial peace-of-mind and retain control against any unfavorable economy downturn. We have helped a great number of individuals in securing Bank Loans with an average of RM5-8million per month. Rest assured that our advice is free from any hidden agendas and all course of actions is lawful.


Financial education and knowledge sharing. Build awareness of Wealth Management.

Reduce overall commitments significantly. Loosen up monthly instalments.

Shorten loan repayment tenure. Be debt free and early retirement.

Cash flow surplus. Ready and accessible funds to serve different purposes and usages.


To offer top-notch financial advices! Ultimately help all our clients to achieve financial freedom and retirement carefree!

Our Services

Keywealth is a legitimate financial consultancy where we assist in obtaining and resolving Bank debts and loans. We do not provide in-house loan, 100% of the fund comes from Banks.


Refinance Your Existing Property


Debt Management

(Consolidation of existing loans)

No-collateral loan

(Personal financing/SME Loan)

What Makes Us Different:

No Hidden Cost

Everything is transparent and clearly communicated.

No upfront payment and deposit charged

No concern of being scam

Actual reflection of loan figures

Precise and accurate amount

Value added services

Obtain best offer exceed client needs and requirements

After sales services

Your lifetime personal financial advisor

Steps and Procedures

1. Connect to Keywealth

Whatsapp / Message / Call us to get an in-depth one-to-one consultation session with our professional consultant.

2. Get together to understand further

We will schedule an appointment to understand your financial situation better whilst offering an overview.

3. Wealth Plan Proposal

Upon analysis of your financial needs, our consultant will construct a proposal that best suits your demands.

4. Loan Submission

Once mutual agreement is agreed upon; we will submit your application to Bank.

5. Loan Recommendation

Approval and signing to be arranged and you will be debt free within the desired time frame!

Join Us

Keywealth are rapidly growing and continuously expanding as we aim to be industry market leader! Our goal is to achieve financial freedom for all our clients and our employees! If you share the same dream, you are welcome to join our lovely team. We provide up-to-date training constantly, one-to-one guidance, knowledge sharing, and comfortable working environment for you to perform your talent and stand out from others.

You will be getting a healthy work life balances and lucrative remunerations by JOINING US today!