General Information

What are the benefits of engaging with Keywealth?

Keywealth will act as your loan agents and secure the best offer that suits your requirements. We are one-stop-solution that will provide your thorough guidance!

How long for the loan approval?

Upon full submission of relevant documents, it will usually take 3-5 working days for approval. Rest assured that we will keep you update with the loan process constantly.

What if my loans were rejected prior to this?

Banks have different requirements and scoring to determine the chances of approval. We have a great networks and connections with the stakeholders involved to secure a loan approval at the best terms & conditions.

What should I do next or contact with if I am interested?

Feel free to fill up the APPLY section or press the WhatsApp icon at the bottom left page for further enquiries and our financial consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

Is there any charges or upfront payment involved?

You do not need to make any upfront payment at all. In fact, Keywealth constantly reminding our clients that if any advisory companies that requested for upfront payment, please do not disclose any personal information and proceed further as it is mostly a scam.

Will there be any charges after the consultation session and I decided not to proceed accordingly?

We provide free consultation to all our clients. After our financial consultant explained the wealth plan and you decided not to proceed accordingly, there will be no cost incurred.


When can we consider refinance?

Refinance can be done once your property Market Value had appreciated enough to achieve your financial goal.

What are the costs involved that I have to take into consideration?

The standard costs are legal fees and valuation fee with estimation of less than 3% of your loan amount. However, there are certain banks that offer Zero Moving Costs (bank absorb the fees on customer behalf) as second option.

How long does it take for the disbursement to take place?

Bank disbursement will usually take around 3-6 months depending on your land title status

Debt Management

Why do we consider debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation offers easy financial management whereby you only need to serve instalment to one bank as compared to several different banks.

What are the debts worth consolidation?

Unsecured loans such as credit cards, personal loans, overdraft that charged high interest rates and short repayment tenure is definitely worthy to consolidate.

How to do debt consolidation if I do not own a property?

You can do personal loan debt consolidation instead if you do not own a property. However, the approval rate is more difficult to obtain as compared to housing loan debt consolidation.

No Collateral Loan

How to obtain cash advance from credit card?

You can simply obtain cash advance from any ATM’s machines, 24 hours a day or you can perform it over-the-counter by visiting the Branch.

What are the benefits of Credit Card Cash Advance compared to Personal Loan?

Cash advance offers greater flexibility and convenience as it is an instant cash withdrawals with no documents or approval required. But the interest rates and handling fees associated with Credit Card Cash Advance is relatively higher as well.

Can I apply for No Collateral Loan without any credit history?

Applicants that have no financial records (no any banking facilities) is usually deemed as unfavourable from Banks approval perspective. However, different Banks have different risk appetite and target customers thus the approval is still likely and possible.